Sunday, 26 May 2013

De-Stress From Your Exams!

Hey Guys!

So I know its exam time for a lot of you and exams can cause stress to build up.  I've just finished my exams so I've personally been trying to de-stress over the past few days and I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to release stress from your body! So without further ado!

  1. The first thing sounds really cheesy and silly but believe me it actually works! Just a simple smile releases stress.  Smiling, even when you don't feel happy, can instantly lift your mood and make you feel 10 times better!
  2. The second thing I really love and 100% recommend is meditation.  I love this and I actually use an app on my phone to help guide me through the process.  The app that I use is called 'Headspace' and I really do advice you all to try it.  Whenever I use it I feel instantly refreshed and I feel like I have slept for 10 hours! Its genuinely incredible.
  3. Another great thing to do to help relieve stress is to take some time out and call a friend who you maybe haven't spoken to in a while.  Often, just talking to a friend about anything can make you feel better and help cheer you up (after all, if your friends can't cheer you up, who can?).
  4. The next thing is one of my favourites.  Get up and have a little boogy to your favourite song!  Dancing, even if you are just being silly, can instantly lift your mood.  I love being able to get up and groove and just have a laugh to myself about it! 
  5. Another idea would be to take a walk.  It doesn't sound like much but taking a walk along the beach or in your local park.  Taking some time out and getting some fresh air can really help clear your mind.   If you have a dog, you could take them and have a little play around with a toy, you'll both enjoy yourself! 
  6. This final idea is a classic.  Take a lovely relaxing bubble bath with your favourite scented candles and favourite bath bombs.  You could even take in a magazine and just chill for a bit.  A bath is one of the most relaxing things you can do.
Meditation can really help you unwind.

Why not take a friend with you for a walk in the park and a good old gossip?

A relaxing bubble bath with soothe your mind and body.


  1. Thanks or all the advice, my first exam is on Monday and I'm getting a bit nervous!

    1. Aw glad I could help! I'm sure you will be fine and good luck!xo