Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bourjois Top Sellers Review!

Hey Everyone!

So if you follow me on twitter, you may or may not know that I recently won a Bourjois contest and received their top 5 selling products! So I thought I would give them all a try and review them all for you. But Firstly I just want to apologise for not using my own pictures as often as I should and when I do use my own pictures they are just being taken with my iPhone. This is because I have lost my camera charger and I'm waiting for a new one to arrive. But as soon as it does, expect lots and lots of swatches and other fun pictures! Lets get into the reviews!

So the first product I'm going to talk about is one that I actually already owned. This is the Bourjois Bronzing Powder. I absolutely love this product.  First of all, as soon as you open this up you get this whiff of gorgeous perfume which almost smells chocolatey.  The appearance of this product even looks like a little bar of chocolate!  This is actually my favourite bronzer and I use it all the time in summer.  Its nice and pigmented and easy to blend into the skin.  I'd also just like to add that I am extremely pale but this doesn't even appear orangey on me which is very difficult to find.  So I would 100% recommend this product to you without a single doubt in my mind. I'd also like to point out I did attempt to swatch this for you but the pictures really didn't do the product justice so I just left them out.  This product is actually featured in my giveaway so enter it if you want the chance to win one!  I currently have 3 of these floating around my house so that tells you enough...

Next I'm going to talk about a blush, shade 39, rose mandarin to be precise.  Before I won this contest, I had never tried a Bourjois blush before and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  I was a little unsure of the colour because it is slightly more mandarin than rose in my opinion.  But once I tested it I was converted.  It was super pretty and paired with the bronzer, gave me a lovely bronzed summer look that I just loved.  Similar to the bronzer in application, the blush was incredibly easy to blend, almost foolproof.  I really liked the packaging of these blushes and they come with adorable little brushes for on the go application.

The next product is probably my favourite that I received and I instantly fell in love.  Its the volume clubbing mascara.  Now I'm not usually fussy when it comes to mascaras, I seem to chop and change mine all the time.  But this is a game changer.  I don't have particularly long eyelashes, in fact they're quite short but it was nearly impossible to tell with this on.  I swear my eyelashes have never looked so long.  When I wore this I got so many compliments on my eyes and my mascara was the only thing I had changed.  Even total strangers at work were telling me how gorgeous my eyes looked.  I can officially confirm this is my new best friend.

Moving on, I also received one of the 3D effect glosses in the shade rose dynamic.  First of all, this colour is absolutely stunning.  Its a gorgeous bubblegum pink with a slight red tinge to it.  Absolutely perfect for summer!  The colour looked really pretty on my lips and I really the appearance of it.  The gloss also had a slight perfume fragrance which I actually really liked.  The only thing I didn't particularly like about this product was that it was slightly sticky after a couple minutes.  But apart from that it is a lovely product.

And the final product I won was the Dissolvant nail polish remover.  I was a little late on the band wagon with this one as I had never tried it before.  This product is really effective at removing nail polish and is super quick as well.  However it doesn't live up to the claim of it only taking 1 second, I'd say more 3-4 seconds which, don't get me wrong, is still so much quicker than regular nail polish remover.  Another thing about this I wasn't particularly keen on was the over powering scent.  I know most nail varnish removers are really strongly scented, but I was almost chocking on the scent of this and had to wash my hands immediately after because my hands just smelt of it.  Its a really effective product but I think I'll probably just leave it to nail polish emergencies.  If strong scents don't bother you it is a really good products but unfortunately my nose is very sensitive.

Overall, I loved all of the products I won and I feel so lucky to have won because I never win anything!  And it gave me a great opportunity to write a thorough review for you guys!

So I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll speak soon!



  1. So many awesome products! Been wanting to try out their products for a while now :-)

    Love, Christine♥

    1. You defiantly should! You should enter my giveaway, the bronzer is up for grabs!

      Your blogs so cute!x

  2. Ooh great prize, I've not tried a lot of Bourjois make-up but I want the mascara, the blush and the lip gloss now!

    1. Yeah I must admit I hadn't tried many bourjois products before this but I really do recommend the ones I tried. Lovely blog sweetie x

  3. Hi Katie,

    Love your post - now following! What an amazing prize, I bet you were really chuffed. I love the lip gloss it's gorgeous.

    My blog is still a baby in the blogging world so if you have a minute to stop by and give me some feedback I would be really grateful!!

    Emily xxx

    1. Hi thanks so much!

      I was really chuffed, I've literally never won anything before in my life!!

      Yeah sure!

  4. I love bourjois! You are so lucky to have won! I used to swear by that mascara! I don't know why I stopped using it tbh!

    I tagged you in the Liebster Award!

    Sophy xo

    1. Thank you! I know I really love it!

      Thanks sweetie!