Sunday, 16 June 2013

What's On My iPhone 5 Tag

Hey Guys!

I thought it might be quite fun to give you guys a sneak peak into all things me, so in general, my mobile phone!  I have the iPhone 5 and I've had it for a few months now and I really do love it.  I have quite a few apps, songs and TV shows so I thought I would share my favourites with you.  Oh and if your wondering the guy behind my icons is Jake Johnson from New Girl (Nick Miller).  My lockscreen is my little doggy Jaffa;


Okay so I have all the basics that iPhones come with (messages, calender, email ect) and I've kept all those apps exactly the same as the start up version so I will just skip over all of those.  The first downloaded app that you will see is Whatsapp Messenger.  I don't really use Whatsapp for texts, I mainly use it to send pictures to other smartphones to avoid any extortionate charges to my phone bill because Whatsapp is completely free.

Page 1

On the next page, my top line is all my social networking sites so they're all at easy access.  Then I have Youtube (always handy), Starbucks (for paying with my cards and tracking my rewards), Pintrest, and Mobile Banking.  3rd row down I have Bokehful (a picture editing app), PicFrame (allows several photos to be combined into one), Schedule (used for my classes and school schedule) and Temple Run 2 (my favourite go-to-game).  On the next row I have My o2 (keep an eye on my upcoming bills..), Candy Crush (which I never play any more because I'm just fed up of it), Sonic Dash (reminds me of the good old days) and Topshop which is probably a bad idea because it leads to unnecessary purchases.  On the last row I have Snapchat (makes me look incredibly attractive to all of my friends), then I have Tesco (not a clue why), Debenhams beauty club (still waiting for my actual card to arrive) and MAC.

Page 2

On my final page, I have Period Tracker (always handy to know when mother natures going to come and bite you in the bum!), o2 Tracks (all the lastest and greatest songs right now!),, Photo Editor (your basic photp editing app) and Video Star (I LOVE making silly music videos with my friends, they're hilarious to watch back!).  After that I have Big Day Lite which was counting down my days to prom but now that's over I don't know what to count down to now.  Then I have timer cam (handy no hands photo taker), Headspace which I recommend to everyone.  Headspace follows mediation techniques and really helps me relax and focus.  I also have 4od to catch up on all the latest shows.  Then I have google earth, Capture by Youtube (Capture videos and upload them straight from youtube), Tetris Blitz (super fun) and Table Top Racing which I have been addicted to recently! After that I have Vine, Bloglovin, Infinite Storm (rain noises to help me sleep) and Beautiful Mess (gorgeous editing app for pictures) and finally Groupon (tons of local deals going on!)

Page 3


I actually have quite a lot of videos on my phone because I'm pretty bizarre and fall asleep listening to TV shows on my phone.  I have downloaded the entire series 1 & 2 of How I Met Your Mother but it took up so much space I remove ones I have watched too many times haha! I also have an episode of New Girl. 


I don't keep my entire iTunes library on my phone because I have my iPod too but I do keep 121 song on my phone.  Some of my top listened to songs right now include; Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke, La La La - Naughty Boy, Let Her Go - Passenger, Wild - Jessie J, Heart Attack - Demi Lovato and Hey Beautiful - The Solids. 

So that's a quick brief overview of my phone, I hope you all enjoyed this post and I will speak to you all soon! 



  1. I also fall asleep listening to tv shows on my phone lol, I can't sleep without listening to something now. The iphone 5 looks so nice, I'm counting down the weeks til my upgrade! :) xx

    1. Oh okay good, glad I'm not the only one haha!! It is, I really do love it! Don't think I could cope without it now!xx

  2. I am still with my blackberry but whenever I hear the words iphone I get total fomo , great post.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Aha I used to have a blackberry but it completely failed on me! Thanks!x

  3. Do you still have these apps in your phone? One of the best things about iPhones is the immensity of its internal memory that you could practically store most of the stuff you like. Although, I guess it is better if you remove the ones you no longer need or use to lessen the burden on your phone. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Clara Brooks @ TelcoWorld