Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hauls, Hauls, and More Hauls.

Hey Guys!

I've recently been doing too much shopping for my own good and my bank account is really suffering.  BUT, it does give me an amazing opportunity for a blog post and what I believe is my first proper haul post.  I would like to stress that I picked up these items over the past couple of weeks, it's still a lot but it doesn't sound as bad if I say that!  Lets get into my purchases...

New Look

New Look were having a pretty big sale so I couldn't resist nipping over and checking it out for myself.  I picked up 3 tops, 3 pairs of socks (fun I know) and a ring.

The first top I got is this gorgeous gradient blue vest top which I was considering buying before it went on sale, so when I seen it for £4, I just had to get it!  It's a slight muscle tee as well which I love so you do need a bandeau or something similar underneath.  I've wore this shirt once since I got it and I just paired it with some high wasted shorts and sandals.

The next top I purchased was this plain navy blue top.  I love the style of these tee-shirts with the little zip pocket.  I think they're so simple so can be paired with just about anything.  I also got this one for £4.

The third top I picked up was this hot pink crop top.  I never normally wear crop tops but with all this nice weather I thought I would give it a go.  Again because of its plainness, it's really easy to pair with pretty much anything.  

I picked up three pairs of socks which were not part of the sale but was on a 3 for £4 offer.  The first pair are a black and blue tribal print, the second are floral and the third...has PUGS.  They are adorable.  I couldn't resist them!

Lastly from New Look, I picked up a ring that was in the sale.  The ring was £2 instead of £3.50 and I just thought it was really lovely.


Accessorize/Monsoon were also having a sale so I dropped in not really expecting to buy anything.  But when I seen this bag, I fell in love.  This perfection filled satchel is just my dream bag.  I love all the buckles even if they are fake with concealed buttons underneath.  I'm probably going to use this bag for college but its so nice I'll probably use it at other times as well.  The bag was £25 from £35 so it was a pretty good deal. 


I'm constantly buying things from Tesco...it's a bad habit.  I first picked up Loreals Micellular Water.  I felt like I needed to jump on the band wagon with this one and give it a try.  Let me know if you guys want a full review on this because I know there's already a lot out there so I'm not sure if its worth doing or not.  I can't remember the exact price of this but it was around £3.50.

I also bought some Got 2 Be Sea Salt Spray because I ran out on my Awapuhi Sea Salt Spray.  I've used it a few times and I really like it, although it doesn't smell quite as nice as the Awapuhi one.  The Got 2 Be range was on a 2 for £5 offer and since the Sea Salt Spray was £4.50, I thought I may as well give something else a try, so I picked up their argan oil.  I already have an argan oil, but its pretty close to running out.  I also noticed this one has a pump, which my current one doesn't and it seems so much more convenient. 

I also bought an Air Wick candle in Summer Fruit Punch and it smells amazing.  I don't know why but a bunch of these were discounted so I got it for £2.  It smells like oranges and peaches and mangos and grapefruit and a bunch of summer fruits.  It is probably the most 'summery' scent I've come across in a while.


I went to the Next sale yesterday and picked up a couple of things.  I can never go into Next without looking at their home stuff.  If I could have my house like a Next catalogue, I would die happy.  I picked up two little hanging thingys (I don't actually know what you would call them haha).  The first one I bought as a gift for my friends birthday as she's moving away to university so I thought she could put it in her flat.  The second one I bought on a whim but it is perfect as its the same colour scheme as my bedroom and I just thought it was adorable.  The first one was £5 and the second was £3. 

I also picked up a top in the sale which was £6 from £12.  Its a simple plain grey top with a little pocket on the left side.  This fabric is super super soft and it just seems so comfy.  I picked up a necklace as well to go with the top which was £5 from £10.  I thought these two together with a pair of black jeans would just make a cute and simple outfit.

Cath Kidston

I picked up two phone cases in the Cath Kidston sale, one for me and one for my friends birthday.  I purchased the Classic Strawberry one which I absolutely love, its the most adorable case ever.  The second one I picked up for my friend is in the Lattice Rose Print which is also super cute.

Bath and Body Works!!!!

HOW EXCITING IS THIS.  LIKE GUYS.  BATH AND BODY WORKS.  FOR REAL.  I recently got speaking to the lovely Samantha from My Pretty Face Place and on special request I asked her if she would send me some B&B Works goodies and she did!  Her online store is mainly Real techniques brushes, ELF and EOS and if you visit you will notice that there is no Bath and Body Works.  I stress that this is because I asked her personally.  I'm sure if you got in touch with her and asked her politely, she would be more than willing to send you things as well.

The first thing I asked for was some Pocket Bacs.  I just had to have some of these because they look adorable and you can never have too many sanitisers.  Bath and Body Works usually sell them for 5 for $5 and that deal was on at the time I purchased them.  I got Sweet Pea (which smells to me like Parma Violet Sweets), Aqua Blossom (smells like an attractive mans aftershave), Midnight Pomegranate (smells like sugar and flowers), Warm Vanilla Sugar (very vanilla-y but a much cosier scent) and Caribbean Escape (probably my favourite, it smells like sun cream from holidays of the past and coconuts).  I love all the scents, and I love the fact the smell actually stays on your hands after you use them.

I also bought three mini candles (1.3oz) which I believe are normally on offer for 3 for $10 which they were when I bought them.  I first bought Lakeside which claims to smell of fresh water, sheer musk and citrus.  I definitely smell the fresh water, it almost smells like salt water from the seaside, and I also smell a hint of citrus.  It isn't a scent I would normally purchase but it's still quite nice.  Then I got frosted cupcake, which lives up to its expectations.  It smells like sugar, icing and cake mix.  Its fabulously sweet.  Thirdly, I bought Watermelon Lemonade which is quite possibly my favourite out of the candles.  I don't know how they've managed it but this candle smells fizzy.  Its exactly like fizzy watermelon.  Usually I find it hard to find summer candles but this one is seriously perfect.  If you live in America and have not smelled this candle yet, do it.  Do it for all the British who crave to but can not. 

And finally I bought one of the small candles (4oz) in Summertime S'mores.  To be honest I probably would have got all my candles in this size if shipping wouldn't be extortionate.  This candle is completely different to anything I've smelt before.  Its like a campfire, it literally smells like a roasting fire.  But then once you smell that, roasting marshmallows seem to appear.  If you close your eyes and smell this you can picture a campfire and marshamallows melting its that real.  Its completely bizarre, but I love it.

I hope you have all enjoyed this haul post and if you've made it this far I appreciate it because I do understand how long this post has been, I've been writing it for the past few hours!!  Thanks for reading!


  1. That rucksack and statement necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Looks like someones had some fun! Although your bank balance might think different ;) I loveee the bag!! I want to try crop tops but my figure goes from flat belly to like pregnant bloaty belly as the day goes on! it sucks!! xxx

    1. Yeah my bank balance definitely thinks different...! Me too! Aw I'm sure it doesn't!!xxx

  3. Loved your haul! Especially the necklace and the candles. I'm a sucker for both of them haha.

    bohorush.blogspot.com xx

  4. Lovely haul! Love the ring! I recently brought Schwarzkopf heat protection spray. I like it!

    Great post.




    1. Thank you! Yeah I have that one too!! I like it as well!

  5. Such a lovely haul, I love everything! The pug socks are my favourite! The bag is an absolute steal too, I love the Accessorize sale!
    Mia x

    1. Thank you! Mine too! Yeah its amazing!x

  6. THE PUG, can't contain squeal kljfskfjs
    Hahaha, you've really spoiled yourself huh but a girl got to do what a girl got to do.

  7. I love that pink top with those high waisted shorts! I have a ton of Bath and Body Works gel sanitizer as well, they smell so good! Don't feel too bad about the shopping...I shop all the time...I can't help it lol.


    1. Thank you! I'm in love with hem, definitely a new addiction! At least I'm not the only one ahaha!!x

  8. Love the socks and the leather bag!!! I need to get my hands on those :) I have a similar bag that I got from Target but it's not holding up anymore. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you, me too!! Aw yeah I had a similar one from Matalan, but it didn't hold either! This one looks like it will so fingers crossed! x

  9. WOW! Great haul!! I saw so many things i wanted here! Lol..

    Thanks for sharing!

    Brittany, xx

    1. Thank you! Aha we must have the same tastes!xx

  10. Haha, if anyone wants to ask me nicely, they can contact me on Twitter at @prettyfaceplace or email me at ebaysamanthamag@gmail.com for Bath and Body Works goodies! And check out www.myprettyfaceplace.com for Real Techniques :)

  11. Wow so many great things! I love the rucksack. So cool!