Friday, 23 August 2013

Back to School Haul

Hey everyone!

I know pretty much everyone will be doing these in the upcoming weeks but as a blog reader as well as writer, I love reading back to school hauls.  

I have been slowly but surely picking things up gradually for the back to school season. Although I'm not heading back to school, I'm starting college so the supplies are pretty similar.

The first thing I picked up was some Staedtler HB Pencils with an eraser and sharpener.  I'm a big fan of Staestler Stationary and you can never go wrong with a pack of HB pencils.  I got this little pack for £1 in Tesco.

Then I also bought some Staedtler Coloured Pencils in a pack of 24.  I already have the Staedtler pack of pens so I thought I would complete my collection!  This pack was £3.50 from Tesco.

Next I bought some sticky notes and index markers.  I constantly use sticky notes for reminders, notes and revision so you can never have to many.  I'm also a big fan of using index markers to highlight important pages in textbooks or diaries.  These were around £1-2 each from Tesco.

I also picked up this adorable polka-dot planner from Tesco.  I need to be able to write all my homework and assignments in one place otherwise I will forget.  The week to week layout is perfect and provides plenty of space for writing.  Even though the black and white is a little duller than I would have normally chosen, the index markers will surely brighten up the edges.  I was going to splash out on a Filofax but until I can prove to myself I will use it, this £3 planner will do.

Next, I have my pencil case.  This is probably one of my favourite things for back to school.  Its from Cath Kidston and its such a gorgeous floral print across my favourite colour.  The pencil case was £10 in the sale.

Then I purchased two packs of Sharpie Pens, the original four and the pastels (omg how cute and perfect are these pastel shades? Major sharpie love).  These were on offer for 2 for £3 in Asda.

Next, I bought a lovely blue ringbinder folder from Tesco for 75p and filled it with a refill paper pad for £2.  You can never have to much paper right? Right? I think I probably bought enough paper in this post to last me the whole year...

I also bought a project book from Tesco with tabs down the side for like £2.  I love paper pads like this with the tabby bittys? You know what I mean?  The tabs can be taken out and relocated to any part of the book you want which makes it super easy to organise.

Then I bought some Oxford Notebooks.  Oxford Notebooks are my favourite and I like to call them my neat books.  Everything I write in class is normally rough notes which is just scribbled on random paper as I try to catch the teachers words, so when I come home I like to re-write the notes into my neat books so that they make more sense.  Oxford books are so perfect for this because the paper is so crisp and soft and pearly white, I love it.  I got both of these in Tesco for around £2 each. 

As for my bag, I got this a few months ago and it was in my haul post, but I thought I would show it again to you guys.  I purchased it from Accessorize for £25.

So that's all for my back to school haul.  I don't think I've forgotten anything, but if you think I have, leave it in the comments below! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.