Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Budget Party Outfit

Hey Everyone!

I recently had one of my friends birthdays coming up and she was having a house party.  As I scanned my wardrobe I could see absolutely nothing I wanted to wear.  I was in a slight predicament as it was a week or two from pay day and I was pretty much broke.  And so the bargain hunt began...

I started searching eBay, ASOS marketplace, and different types of online stores.  Just as I was about to give up I came across Missguided's Sweet Deal Range.  I fell in love with this dress, and to my disbelief it was only £6.99.  £6.99 for a dress??  I went ahead and ordered it along with this belt.  


I love this dress.  I adore the simplicity of it but paired with the belt it becomes slightly edgy.  I must note that it is slightly see through because the material is so thin, but I wore a black yoga shorts underneath and a bandeau on top!

As for my shoes,  they were a bargain as well.  I got them on Secret Sales which is a website that sells designer clothing, shoes, cosmetics and homeware at a discounted price.  I got these shoes around May time so I don't think they are on Secret Sales any more.  The brand is BullBoxer if any of you want to try and find them.

My belt, like I said, was also from Missguided and I love it.  Its a black belt with studs all around.  I know for sure I'm going to get so much ware out of this. 

Let me know if you like this outfit and if you would like more fashion posts on my blog.  Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. cute dress :) your picture reminds me of taylor swift :D

    1. Thank you! Haha for real?! Thank you! I love her!!x

  2. You looks really good with this dress! not everyone can pull it off!

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  3. Great post! This dress looks lovely on you (£6.99!!?? What!) Thanks for sharing..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


  4. Hey lovely, great post - you look amazing and I love those lace shoes!

    Now following! :)

    Please check out my blog if you can! xoxo

  5. Really nice outfit, and I love the shoes! :)

    xoxo, Inês

  6. Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I love reading your blog and have just nominated it for a Liebster Award!


    Gemma xx

  7. OMG!I love them all!shoes!dress!Pls post more! Shall we follow each other? i love comment and browse blogs i followed!
    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~

  8. Are you a model? You should be! Where abouts in the U.K are you from? Amazing blogI can't wait to read more. I just started following you on bloglovin :) Check out my blog <3 www.whips-and-furs.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Haha no!! Thank you so much though! I'm from the north of Scotland! Thank you so much!!xxx

  9. Wow I really love the whole outfit..especially the SHOES!! Really great blog post!

  10. I'm so jealous of your boots <3

  11. Very beautiful collection.. Do you have any stuff related to Wedding Dresses?