Friday, 9 August 2013

Naked Basics Palette Review and Looks

Hey everyone! 

In case you haven't heard, the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay are some of the most lusted eye products out their in the beauty world.  It originally started with the Naked palette, then there was Naked 2 followed by the most recent Naked Basics.  I was constantly meaning to get the Naked palette and when the Naked 2 I meant to get that as well but I never got around to it.  But about a month or two ago, I finally bought the Naked Basics Palette.  

The palette consists of six eyeshadows, five matte shades and one shimmer.  I created 4 different looks that I'm going to share with you after my little review of the whole palette. 

So I absolutely love this palette and I use it pretty much everyday. The colours are all extremely pigmented and I do realise the lighter shades are less visable in pictures, they do show up nicely in person.  I must warn you though Crave is such a deep intense black, it can be really messy! I cracked a tiny bit of the side of the pan and every time I pick up the palette, I'm now covered in black. My white bed sheets have also suffered.  This aside, I would 100% recommend this palette.  It's perfect for all levels of skills, beginners to pros will get use of this. Now lets get into the looks I created with this palette. 

Look Number 1 - Dramatic 

My first look is the most dramatic of them all. I started off with Foxy all over my lid and then used Naked 2 and Faint in my crease to add definition. I then added Crave to my outer corner and smoked in inwards to the outer 2/3rds of my eye. I then lined my eyes with liquid eyeliner (Rimmels Exaggreate) and winged it out. I also brought the liquid liner underneath my bottom lash line and added pencil liner (Avon Glimmerstick) to my water line. I think this look is more of a "night out" look and perfect for parties. 

Look 2 - Smokey 

I definitely feel this is a much more wearable smokey look for everyday. It's quite similar to the first look but less dramatic. I used WOS all over my lid and added Naked 2 to my crease. I then added Faint to my outer corner and blended it out. Next I added my liquid eyeliner and winged it out again. I also added pencil liner to my waterline. 

Look 3 - Slightly Smoked

This is one of my most worn looks for my eyes. It's so natural looking but yet it is still clear you made the effort. I applied WOS all over my lid and added Naked 2 to my crease and blended it out. Then I added liquid liner to my top lash line and added a slight wing. 

Look 4 - Mrs Bright Eyes

This is perfect for when you wake up and your eyes are just looking a little tired and dark. I applied Foxy all over my lid and added Venus to my inner corner and brow bone. Then added yet again my liquid liner to my top lash line and created a little wing. I use this one a lot when I've slept in and I don't have much time on my hands. 

I hope you all enjoyed this mixed review/tutorial post.  Let me know in the comments below what your favourite look is. If any of you are wondering, my laptop is still broken and I'm writing this from the blogger app from my phone so I'm sorry if the layout or whatever isn't as good but the app isn't the greatest but its the best I can do. I will be blogging from my phone until I can get my laptop fixed so please bear with me for the time being! Thank you so much for reading and I will speak to you all very soon! 



  1. I love the looks you created. This palette looks good!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  2. Love the eye looks, especially the dramatic one! I get what you mean about white bedsheets I don't use my makeup anywhere with light surface anymore as I accidentally dropped a loose pigment all over my (then) white carpet - wasn't good. I've been meaning to pic this up for ages, it looks so versatile.

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

    1. Thank you! It such a nightmare I just hope it comes out!

      You really should!xx

  3. I'm loving these looks, Katie! I wear the slightly smoked on a daily basis, it's so natural but it looks so pretty! Can't wait to see more tutorials from you! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Thank you! Yeah me too!! Aw thanks!xx

  4. Great post! love the dramatic one, has to be the best.

    Emily xx

  5. Ive just nominated you for the liebster award check out my blog! :)

  6. Really great post! Love the dramatic look..I've wanted to get this palette for ages!
    Also I love your blog. I've just started blogging so I'd love it if you could check it out and give me some feed back :)

  7. Literally only one word to describe this....LOVE!!

    Rebecca x