Friday, 30 August 2013

Payday Purchases

Hey everyone! 

It is quite well known that I have a love for shopping.  Unfortunately this means that when I get paid, I usually spend the majority of my money in the first couple of days and spend the rest of the month broke.  And this month appears no different...

I got paid less that 24 hours ago and almost 1/3 of it is gone. I thought I would quickly share my payday purchases with you all. 

First of all I ordered my h&m boots for £30. If you  follow me on twitter you probably know how much I've been lusting over these little booties. Now just have to wait for them to arrive...  

I also ordered a pair of black treggings from h&m. Nothing all that exciting but I badly need a pair. The pair I purchased was £14.99. 

Next I repurchase my favourite lush face mask. I rely on Catastrophe Cosmetic to calm and soothe my skin of any redness and clear my skin of any irritating spots.  My skins been really bad these past few days so I badly needed a rescue.  This lovely face mask is about £6. 

Next I bought a leather jacket from F&F at Tesco for £32. I have been looking for a leather jacket for literally months but I'm so fussy when it comes to jackets.  When I saw this one I kind of fell in love.  I love the padded features on it and it fits really nicely.  For only £32 plus my employee discount, it's a real bargain. 

Next I picked up a water bobble bottle.  I've heard a lot about them in the blogging world and really wanted to give it a go. I drink a lot of water so this idea seemed really clever.  Basically if you have never heard of water bobble before,  it's a water bottle which filters your water as your drink, giving you cleaner and better water, simple right?  A quick little comment on them though, they are pretty loud.  It's so bizarre but mine sounds a little like Darth Vader as I drink from it and as the air flows back in...

Finally I picked up some awesome ballpoint coloured pens from Tesco. Again an absolute bargain for 10 colours for 45p. How can you go wrong?  

Thank you all for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! 



  1. The leather jacket looks really nice! didn't think it was from Tesco!
    Also I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog post on it :)


    1. It's really well made! Aw thank you sweetie!x

  2. Loving the boots! I think they're really cute!
    Following you on GFC and BlogLovin! ^_^


  3. My paycheck is already gone, too! Unfortunately, it wasn't spent on anything fun, but on car problems. I'm glad you're enjoying your new purchases!

    Améliorer la Vie

  4. Oooo the jacket is gorgeous! I hope I can find one I like this fall. Love the water bottle! :)

  5. The leather jacket looks gorgeous! OOTD please! :) x

  6. Just had THE biggest giggle at the Darth Vader comment- they really do! I have two now, and my litre bottle is noisier than the 550ml, how is it possible for a bottle to be noisier than me? Haha xxx