Friday, 20 September 2013

Autumn Tag

Hey guys!

So I was recently tagged to do the Autumn Tag, and I grabbed the chance! I adore fall like most people and it's my favourite season. I'm not going to spend ages blabbing, I'm just going to get straight into the questions! 

 1. Favourite thing about Autumn? 
HOW CAN I EVEN CHOOSE? Potentially cardigans, I'm a huge cardigan fanatic. There is a section of my wardrobe decdicted to fluffy, cream, cozy cardigans.  If not cardigans, events. I love Halloween and bonfire night. They're both so exciting and fun!  Fall is such a great time to fill your social calender!

2. Favourite drink? 
 A Starbucks signature caramel hot chocolate! I've never actually tried the pumpkin spice ranges but I'm determind to try them.

3. Favourite scent/candle? 
Hmm...tricky tricky. I love apple cinnamon scents! I'm currently waiting for a bath and body works fall candles to come in so we will soon see...

4. Best lipstick? 
This may shock some of you guys (if you know how much of a lipstick fanatic I am) but I don't actually wear much lipstick in the fall. Because of the sudden change of weather, I NEED lipbalms.  I've really been loving baby lips in cherry me. 

5. Go to moisturiser? 
Simples light moisturiser. It's the only moisture I've actually stuck to.  It's so lovely and light but moisturises so well. 

6. Go to colours for the eyes? 
Bronzes, golds and cranberry shades. I love all of these colours all year round but they are particularly beautiful in fall. 

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? 
I love all kinds of music! My favourite right now has been the 1975's new album. Sex, chocolate and menswear are my favourites from the album. I also love a good bit of swifty in the fall time. 

8. Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)? 
Already stated somewhere above, cream cardigans, leggings/jeggings and brown ridding boots. 

9. Autumn treat? 
I've treated myself to some bath and body works goodies (pumpkin cupcake and leaves mason jar candles and 5 pocketbacs) that should come soon. But usually in the fall I like to treat myself to some new boots. 

10. Favourite place to be? 
Either at home, curled up in bed watching a movie or out on bonfire night with my friends.  Again I love bonfire night, it's so lovely to be crowding around a bonfire with your friends wrapped up cozy, watching the firework displays at the local park. 

I hope you liked today's post and I tag all of you to give this a go, or at least tell me your favourite thing about fall in the comments below! 🍁🍂🌰



  1. I LOVE Autumn, I like summer but after a while I was soooo over the humidity. I am so bad at doings tags these days. Love the autumn photos now I can't wait to Thanksgiving lol.

    1. Me too! Ooh thanksgiving sounds fun!!x

  2. Great post! I have to say I just love Halloween.... You never get too old to dress up and go trick or treating :)

    Emily xx

  3. I'm not happy about autumn this year probably because summer was shortened with such a horrible month of June. Reading this post helps, thank you! :)

    1. Oh really? We had quite a good summer in Scotland so I'm ready for it!

  4. I love your blog design- can't beat cupcakes! I love bonfire night too, autumn really is the best! Great post- new follower! Love Bea xxx

    1. Thank you! It is! Aw that's so sweet thank you!xxx

  5. Love this Autumn post! How quaint and cute!! xo