Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Prairie Charms

Hey everyone!! 

Firstly I want to deeply apologise about how late I am in posting this. I wanted to make sure this post was the best it could be so it is about a month late unfortunately.  Second of all, the customer service I received from Prairie Charms was really great.  They seem like such a lovely company and were kind enough to give me a discount on my order. 

Okay, how cute is this bow?? The floral print is utterly perfect and it's just completely adorable. Once spring and summer of 2014 hits us, I will be wearing this non stop. I must also note how high quality these bows are.  The material is lovely and thick so is very sturdy.  The clip is fairly larger and perfect for all hair types. 

This next bow is more fall suited with the warm purples and rich creams.  It is the same material as the other bow and has the same fascinator as the other. 

The next thing I bought was these adorable bobby pins. I love all these colours and they are just so pretty. I have a cool idea of brading my hair and flowing these down throughout the braid and I can't wait to try it out. 

I also bought this cute floral hair band. I usually feel like these don't sit very well in my hair and usually play around with it and decide against wearing it. Unfortunately I feel the same about this which sucks because it's adorable! If any of you have tips or styles you like to wear these types of bands with, leave them in the comments below please!!

Finally as a free gift, I got this cute little glitter bow.  This is not really something I would pick out for myself so I gave it to my little cousin as a surprise and she loved it!! Every time I see her she's wearing this! 

I hope you all enjoyed this little haul and I will speak to you all soon!



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  2. Those bows are cute! My friend and I sat there and oooo ed and ahhhhed over evey single picture! Lovely post!! :)

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