Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Inspiration

Hey Everyone!

As it is the 25th November today, it makes Christmas exactly one month away.  Crazy isn't it.  I've been feeling very inspired by the festive season and I thought I would share with you all a few images I found particularly inspiring.

Ho Ho Ho DIY Christmas wreath  DIY:

Isn't this Christmas wreath the cutest thing you've ever seen?  I reckon it would be pretty simple to DIY it as well! 
Christmas DIY Wreath. Again all dollar store use nice red bow in middle instead and ribbion to hang. They used tape but I think you could use a hot glue gun here ?

If your a little less glitzy than the first wreath, how about this cute Candy Cane substitute? 

This is very classic Christmas. I may make this for my granny since she loves roses and does traditional Christmas colors.

If your hosting Christmas Dinner at your house this year, how about this gorgeous Candy Cane Flower centrepiece?  Simple and yet completely festive.

Santa hat brownie bites - I MUST remember this at Christmas time!!

Santa Hat Brownie Bites.  Need I say more? 

Santa strawberries, so cute and I'm thinking lightly sweetened cream cheese....

Or if you are trying to be good this Christmas, how about going full on Strawberry Santa?

mini gingerbread house - for christmas eve hot chocolate

This one is ever so slightly out of my cooking abilities (only off by a good few miles) but if you are an avid baker, this is the cutest idea I've seen.  A mini gingerbread house for your hot chocolate.  Perfect for Christmas Eve. 

Design for Renters: 12 Days of Christmas DIY | Day 4>>> Glitter deer.

In my opinion, you can never beat the DIY Snow Globes as Festive Decor.  I just love this one and the jar is totally cute.  

Christmas wrapping

This wrapping is super adorable and so simplistic.  I love it.

I hope you all enjoyed this little burst of Christmas Inspiration.  Not long left to go...



  1. I can't wait till Christmas. Lovely post :)


  2. Such lovely pics <3 this was the first time i visited yur blog :) its very cute!
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  3. Oh your blog is so cute
    nice ideas! love it
    Bea x

  4. All these pictures make me feel so christmassy, it's so close now :) Your blog is awesome by the way, so cute

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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    1. Thank you so much! I will check it out :)x

  5. Oh my god this post is so.. christmassy! Lovely it's all I can say! Those chocolate sweets look sooo good! :) would you like to follow each other via GFC? :) if so, please let me know and I'll follow you back immediately! Have a nice day xx
    Red Velvet