Friday, 29 November 2013

My Top 3 Products To Give You Shiny, Healthy Hair

Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I would share my top hair products, along with some hair secrets you may or may not have heard of before.  I don't know about you guys but in the winter time, my hair always gets a little drier and a bit more damaged, largely due to the fact I can't leave my hair to dry natural as often because I will end up ill (silly Scottish weather).  Also with the party season, I always use heat tools a little more often than I probably should.  This post will contain amazing and beneficial products that you can use on your hair to keep it strong, healthy and shiny.

1. Yogurt

I know its a weird one.  Yogurt is for eating.  But surprisingly it can bring amazing benefits to your hair.  I know some of you have probably heard of this before but I know a lot of people haven't.  I normally use Yeo Valley because its all natural and is organic.  You can buy little pots individually for a relatively cheap price so its pretty affordable hair care.  What I tend to do, is to apply a generous amount to my hair while it's dry and tie it up and leave it to condition for around 30 minutes.  Then jump in the shower and follow my normal hair care routine.  When I come out my hair is always super healthy looking and feels so strong.  Also another tip, if you have any yogurt left, apply it as a face mask.  It will soothe, calm and hydrate the skin.

2. Moroccan Oil

Whether you use the original Moroccan Oil or a cheaper alternative, the benefits are pretty similar.  I love using Moroccan Oil purely because its so versatile.  You can a tiny amount for calming flyaways or soak your hair in it for a rejuvenating hair makeover.  I tend to use it in a similar way to the yogurt, when my hair is damaged or I feel it becoming weak, I apply a generous amount to the ends of my hair and let it soak for about 20 minutes and then wash my hair like normal.  I always feel a little odd using oil in my hair but maybe its just me. 

3. Moisturiser

This is the one that I discovered myself.  Yes it seems weird but hey, it works.  How did I find out moisturiser adds an incredible healthy shine and makes your hair unbelievably soft?  Well here's the story.  I had a Simple moisturiser that the lid had broken on.  I thought I was almost finished the bottle and without realising I got moisturiser all over my hands.  What did I do?  Touch my hair.  Before I knew it my hair was soaked in moisturiser and looked pretty greasy and incredibly odd.  I had to then go for a shower to wash it out.  Funny thing.  When I got out my hair was crazy shiny.  Not greasy shiny.  Like shiny in the hair adverts that must be photo-shopped because it seems so unachievable shiny.  I tested it a few times after that experience and it's yet to fail me.  You just have to make sure it's thoroughly washed out so no residue is left.  As long as you do that, trust me, your hair will be amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what weird hair tips you all have in the comments!



  1. I've heard of egg yolks and oil products to use on hair but never yogurt!! Interesting, I may have to try it!

    1. It is really good!! I encourage you to give it a go!x

  2. I love hair products! I am a bit of a hair product junkie lol. I love the Moroccan line. I had no idea about the yogurt!


  3. I've done the moisturizer bit in the past, I too discovered this by accident. Not all work but I found that those that aren't enough for skin can do a smashing job on hair. Cool trick isn't it? :)

  4. Yogurt it's something new for me :D but i have to check it
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  5. I've nominated you for the sunshine award! Check out my blog for more info!
    Sian Xx

  6. Thanks for the tip! I will definately use it next time on my hair:)

  7. Great ideas for using healthy hair products so i like this product.

  8. The Simple moisturiser one is quite odd lol. I already have shiny hair but will definitely recommend to anyone who doesn't!

    Love your blog, now following on GFC, G+ & Bloglovin'!
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  9. Great post. I dont have good tips to share but I did enjoy your post esp with the Simple moisturiser! I used a sample once and I feel in love with that line's makeup remover.

    Rozlyn P.