Sunday, 3 November 2013

Vanity Tour and Makeup Collection

Hey everyone!

I know I know.  I promised to do a vanity tour when I first got my vanity back in JULY from Ikea.  Since it's now November, I thought it's about time I done it.  I actually feel happy about doing it now because I'm happy with where everything is/how everything's worked out.  Just wanted to say blah blah blah I'm not bragging ect ect, I just think these are really fun posts to read and write.  So without further ado,

So starting off simply, I have a little candle trio.  I'm currently burning Leaves by Bath and Body Works with two little Yankee Candle Votives sitting patiently by (Cranberry Zest and Cherry Vanillia). 

Then I have a little fairy ornament with beautiful blue patterns that my grandmother bought for me because the fairy "has the same colour of hair as me", bless her. 

Then I still have my tv sitting on my vanity, I have plans to get this up on the wall but it may be a little while until I get around to that. 

Moving swiftly on to the most exciting part (I think), my lipstick and makeup brush collection.  As a massive lipstick horder I wanted to display them all lovely in some acrylic storage.  My most used sit in a little lipstick rack I found on ebay, and the rest sit in two 3 drawer storage from Homebase.  Then in the drawer underneath my makeup brushes I keep all my pocketbacs by Bath and Body Works. 

Then I have my Glitzy Glam makeup brush holder which I love!  I'm badly in need of another because this one is overflowing with brushes. 

Next to that I keep all my makeup palettes and a random little rollerball perfume by Ralph Lauren. 

Hidden behind my palletes, I keep my "reach for products" in an old, cleaned out, 3 wick candle jar. 

Then I have my mirror which I got from Tesco for around £10. 

Next to the part most of you are probably interested in, my makeup collection (minus lips which is already been shown).  My drawer superstore are also from Ikea and I cut them to make it the way I wanted them. 

Along the left hand side, I keep most of my baby lips (I have another one at my bed side and one in my handbag). 

Next along I have my face products.  My foundations, primers and concealers are all kept in this compartment. 

Then above that I have other face essentials, bronzes, eye rollers, eye creams. 

In the next compartment I have my face powders and blushes. 

Next, I have my eyeliner compartment. This varies so much from pencil to liquid to black to blue. 

Next I have a bit of a random compartment with bits and pieces that were too big for their true places.  

Then I have my single eyeshadows and colour tattoos.  I only have two types of single eyeshadows, MAC and the old Benefit Velvet shadows which I love. 

My final compartment is my mascaras.  I have way more mascara than I need but I love mascaras. 

So another quick overview of the drawer;

Then next along I have my nail varnish collection which I'll write about another time if you all want me too. 

Then in the cupboard below it has 3 different shelfs.  The three boxes I bought  were from TK Maxx.  The first has a bunch of nail accessories, the second has deodorants and perfumes, and the third a bunch of random products. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post today!  



  1. You're so organised! I'm moving house next month and looking for a good dressing table, what is this one called? It's just what I am looking for!

    Rosie x

    1. Thanks! Oh I completely forgot to mention that! It's the Mickie desk! :)x

  2. You've given me lots of ideas of what I need to get in terms of storage for my new dressing table :o). Xx

  3. Your candles look delicious! I bet they smell lovely.
    And I am so envious of your makeup collection - it's amazing!

  4. I really want some acrylic storage, love your set up xx

    1. I got mine super cheap on ebay! Thanks so much!xx

  5. cute set up, I like your table. I am looking for a new one with more built in drawers.

  6. I love organising my makeup and having pretty boxes to put them in! You have an amazing collection!
    Beyond Bally.

  7. So organised! I love your acrylic storage and completely agree that Glossyboxes make excellent storage as well.

    Where did you get your B&BW candles? I see them on Ebay a lot but feel silly paying ~£25 for them when you can often find them for $11 each in the US.

    1. Thank you!

      I got them from a USA/UK box swap I done with another blogger! x

  8. Wow I love this!! You have inspired me to get super organised like you, love the use of your glossy boxes :) followed you, please follow me back

    1. Thanks so much, glad I could inspire you!xxx

  9. My heart is racing at all the make-up and nail polishes <3. You stored your make-up nicely and I love the yankee candles.