Thursday, 16 January 2014

Life Saver, Lip Saver.

Hey Everyone!

I know I have taken a bit of a break from blogging for the past few weeks but...I'M BACK.  Things have been so crazy busy recently and then it was the festive period so it was madness.  Anyway, lets get going into the actual post!

Today I thought I would do a product review on a little live saver of mine, Jason's Lips Bee Healthier.  Does the extra e in bee give anything away?  Yes this product is made with Beeswax and contains 70% organic ingredients, so you have less nasty chemicals sitting on your lips.

Up in the North of Scotland, it has been fairly cold (when I say fairly, I mean really cold) and for me, cold = chapped lips.

This lipbalm is so moisturising and feels so smooth on the lips it's lovely.  It's not sticky, not clumpy and leaves your lips looking healthy and moisturised.  It also tastes slightly minty and has a refreshing tingle sensation on the lips.

The product is fairly cheap online, but I'm afraid I have no idea where you can buy it in store, sorry.

So overall, I really really like this lipbalm.  In terms of moisturising, it beats Baby Lips by a mile.  Its product that actually does what its supposed to.  Simple. 

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and I will be back with another post at the weekend!



  1. I know what you mean, it can get so cold here in Toronto so its great to find a good balm. eos lip balms are my fav! I can't wait to visit Scotland one day (one of my ex boyfriends was from Scotland I believe Glasgow). Anyway, I love honey in beauty products.


  2. amazing blog:)
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  3. I never really understood the love of Baby Lips. Super cute but I love something like this with more moisture! Great post, xx

  4. I feel ya on the cold front, it's bloody freezing in Munich! I'm currently using carmex, but I'll be sure to check this one out next time xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

  5. This sounds like a fab product - thanks for sharing! Will have to find myself one of these as I'm having a dry lip crisis at the moment!

    Love, Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog