Monday, 24 February 2014

Pretty Little Liars Tag

Hey Everyone!

PLL (Pretty Little Liars) is one of my favourite TV shows of all time.  If you have never seen it, where have you been?  A few other lovely bloggers and myself decided to create a PLL tag because we love it so much and even have a cute little Whatsapp chat about it.  Ps go and check out these lovely ladies, KirstieEstelleGemmaRebecca and Tanyia.  We each came up with one question related to the show so lets take a look at them!

1) My Question: Alison made her return to rosewood in her statement red coat. What is your wardrobe statement piece?
I would probably have to go with my leather jacket.  I wear it pretty much everyday and I love the way it ties a whole outfit together.  I purchased it from Tesco a few moths ago and bagged myself a great bargain as it was only £32.  I love it!

2) Kirstie: If you could raid anyone's wardrobe who's would it be?
Oh this is a hard one.  I love all of their styles but I would probably have to go with Hanna.  Hanna always looks so fashionable and I often see pieces on her that I want. 

3) Rebecca: Which cast member would you go to if you had a problem?
Emily.  She is probably the most loyal of the group and is always kind and willing to help out the others. 

4) Estelle: Which character's personality do you think you most relate to? 
I think they are all such relatable characters but if I had to pick one it would probably be Hanna.  Hanna is sure of her own opinion and knows exactly what she thinks and doesn't let anyone change that.  She also can stress out and snap at people which I'm not going to lie, I would probably be like if I was put into her situation.  But she also cares so much for her friends, family, and still Caleb...(don't cry, don't cry).

5) Gemma: Which of the character's makeup would you most like to wear? 
Probably Emily's.  She always looks so naturally beautiful.  Nothing over the top or excessive.  Just enough to enhance her natural features which looks beautiful. 

6) Tanyia: Which of the cast would you feel safest with when stuck in an A situation?
Most likely Spencer.  She always seems to be spot on about A and what he/she is doing.  She's very smart so would easily deviate a solution to any problem.  

If you are a Pretty Little Liars fan like us, try this tag for yourself and let us know in the comments or on twitter your opinions.  I hope you all enjoyed this tag and I will speak to you all soon.



  1. Love this tag! I agree with you about Emily's make up and I love Hanna's clothes.

    Rebecca x

  2. Ah I love this show so much! Lovely tag :-)

    Meg ♡

  3. I love this tag, I might have to do it myself! Big fan of pretty little liars! Xx