Thursday, 4 December 2014


Hey Everyone!

In my last blog post I talked about gift ideas for other people, now I want to talk about gift ideas for you and me!  Every year I get friends and family asking me what I want for Christmas and I always get a little bit stuck with my reply.  Don't ask me what I want and I could ask you for a million things but put me on the spot...and I'm blank.  This is why I normally write a list every year.

When I heard about the #NextmasWishlist competition I thought it would be a great idea to write a post about it, plus it gives you guys a chance to win things as well! Basically what you have to do is write a blog post with your Next Christmas Wishlist and upload it to the Next blogger noticeboard.  Then tweet +Nextofficial and use the #Nextmaswishlist in your tweet and you could win something from your list!

I thought I'd give my entry a go but don't worry theres 5 winners so you can still be in with a good chance of a Christmas gift from Next too.  I'm hoping you might get some gift idea for either yourself or someone else from this post too.  Now lets get into my list...

1. Gingerbread Jersey Sweater

Okay come on, how cute is this little guy.  I seen this festive jumper in store the other week and I just loved him! He looks so festive with his little Santa hat and candy cane.  Too cute.  I would definitely wear this Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Get this cutie here at Next

2. Positivity Canvas

I am such a fan of this.  It's so beautiful to look at and beautiful to read.   I think it's so true as well that one small positive though can indeed change your day.  I think this would be a lovely feature piece in any room.  

Up your positive thinking here

3. Baby It's Cold Outside Pyjamas

Baby it's cold outside was one of the first songs I added to my Christmas playlist on Spotify this year.  I love these pyjamas as they are so soft, bright and cozy.  I only noticed when I looked real close that the leggings have little stars on them.  Adorable

Get warm now

4. Sequin Party Dress

Now I wouldn't expect to win this at all due to its high price but I couldn't not include this in my wish list.  LOOK AT THIS DRESS.  Imagine rocking up to your Christmas/New Years party in this beauty.  Emoji heart eyes.....

Get this beauty here

5. Dog Cushion

Now this last gift is not for me, but we just got a new puppy not too long ago.  His name is Marvin and he's 3 and a half months old.  He is a Shih Tzu x Jack Russell and he is quickly becoming such a massive part of our lives.  Anyway, he loves sitting in the kitchen while we are cooking so we put a regular bed pillow down for him and he just sits and watches.  I would love to get him something like this to put in the kitchen for him to rest on.  Also had to had a few pictures of Marvin...

Get one for your furry friend here

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have seen something you like.  Give the #Nextmaswishlist competition a go and you might be lucky. Good luck to everyone !