Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentine's Day 101

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all well.  Today I thought I'd look into everything Valentines for 2015.  There's no denying that the date is fast approaching and whether you are single or in a relationship, its only right to treat the ones you love on Valentines Day.

I'm going to cover everything from cards, to gifts, to decorations so be prepared for the red and pink and numerous hearts flying your way (oh and don't forget about the sarcastic few).


1. Found on Etsy here this simplistic card highlights the real meaning of love.

2. For the couple that isn't struck on Valentines this card, also found on Etsy, gives a slight acknowledgement of the day without being OTT while still being irresistibly cute.  
Valentines Day Card | Roses Are Red Funny Poem | Hand Made

1. With the new 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out on Valentines Day this year, how about buying your loved one this funny "50 Shades of Earl Grey" mug, found at Paperchase.

2.  Also found at Paperchase this cute bunting could be the perfect decoration/gift for Valentines this year.  I love bunting in general but this one is just adorable. 

3. This confetti-filled balloon would be the perfect way to surprise a loved one at work or at home this Valentines Day.  

4. If you're not a fan of the all out Valentines Day gifts, or even just fancy a little treat to yourself this Cath Kidston mug is perfect!  You could even fill it with your other half's favourite sweets or biscuits. 

5. If you are keen to make/bake something this Valentines Day, I highly recommend searching Pinterest as there are so many recipes on there.  I particularly liked this easy chocolate covered strawberries recipe by A Spicy Perspective, so go and check it out if you want to make the strawberries below!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Pops #ValentinesDay #chocolate #strawberry #pops #holidays #gifts

I hope you all enjoyed this short post and gained some inspiration from it and are looking forward to Valentines Day.  I know some people dread it, but really its just a day to have fun! If you have no plans, make some!  Even if it is a romantic night in with Netflix and a takeaway pizza, enjoy yourself.

Love Katie

Friday, 30 January 2015

Winter Wedding Inspiration With Weddington Way

Hey Everyone! 

I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a wedding fanatic. I can spend hours browsing different Pinterest boards and searching through pictures of new ideahos. Weddings are such a big day in everyone's life, and there's so many different ways to create and enjoy them.  They can be tailored so beautifully to suit the bride and grooms personalities, I just don't see a reason to dislike weddings! 

I created a Winter Wonderland Bridesmaid look based this bridesmaids dress by Weddington Way. I chose this dress because the classic style can suit a wide variety of body shapes and the colour is perfectly cozy for a winter wedding.  Pop over to Weddington Way to view all their bridesmaid dresses!  

After I seen this dress, the Winter Wonderland ideas started to flow.  I eventually decided on the hair and make up look.  The two hair looks I chose both incorporated baby's breath into the styles, as featured in the bouquets.  I think baby's breath gives such a nice touch and looks especially lovely in winter against the snow.  I stuck to neutral tones when selecting the makeup - we don't want too much attention being taken away from the bride - because it accentuated the colour of the dress I choose.  The shoes (also neutral) added a special touch with the featured bows that would suit any foot.  Simplistic nails added a touch of glamour with the golden glitter and a mixed metal necklace also added a dainty effect to the look.  Finally an optional addition would be the faux fur wrap to keep the Bridesmaids cozy as they step through the Winter Wonderland Wedding. 

I also got a bit carried away when creating this look and added in a few decorations that might also suit the wedding style based on this Winter Wonderland Bridesmaid Look.  One thing that stood out was the particularly handy (excuse the pun) wedding favours gloves for your guests on the chilly day.  Also the snuggle blankets, because well...who doesn't like a good snuggle? 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you ever so much for reading. I will speak to you all very soon with more exciting posts! 

Love Katie x