On the morning of August 2nd, Governor Huang Xiaojing, deputy director of the Provincial People's Congress Wang Meixiang, and deputy governor Su added the “four special topics” research team of the provincial party committee, Lei Chunmei, secretary of the Nanping Municipal Committee, Gong Qingyi, mayor of the Nanping Municipal Committee, and Liang Weixin, mayor of the Shaowu Municipal Party Committee. Accompanied by Wu Yong and others, they visited our company with great interest.

The chairman of Xinsen Carbon Industry Co., Ltd. warmly welcomed the staff. During the visit, the Chairman introduced the company's development in detail. In particular, our company's leading position in the world of activated carbon technology, our company and the world's top 500 companies, the United States carbon giant, Japan Mitsubishi Chemical In cooperation with three foreign-funded enterprises of Japan and Japan Minmetals Co., Ltd., Kargon Co., Ltd. jointly developed new activated carbon projects. Governor Huang Xiaojing expressed great concern and fully affirmed the industrial scale and economic benefits of our company. And encourage our company to make persistent efforts to develop the company into a world-class leading factory.